There’s something about Truman Alexander that Skyler Finch finds incredibly annoying. Actually, there are several things: his voice (grating), his arrogance (total know-it-all) and his debate team obsession (eyeroll). She does her best to avoid him and focus on the important stuff: friends, school, and her boyfriend Eli. His promposal was perfect—just like he is—and the future is looking bright. Or is it?

For some unexplainable reason, Skyler’s phone is sending her notifications from the future … a future in which, to her horror, she appears to be with Truman. As in, romantically. As in, Skyler cannot let that happen. But trying to change the future means messing up the present, and what Skyler sees keeps shifting. Classmates disappear and reappear, swapping partners and futures. Turns out there are no actions without consequences, and life doesn’t come with a roadmap. But sometimes the wandering leads you exactly where you need to be, and people—like glitchy phones—are always full of surprises.

About Author Sara Bennett Wealer

Sara Bennett Wealer grew up in Manhattan, Kansas (the “Little Apple”), where she sang with the choir and wrote for her high school newspaper. She majored in vocal performance at the University of Kansas before deciding she had no business trying to make a career as an opera singer. She transferred to journalism school, where nobody cares if you can hit a high C or convincingly portray a Valkyrie.

Since then, Sara has been fortunate to make her living as a writer. She started as a beat reporter, then went on to work in public relations and advertising—even theme park design. Sara lives in Cincinnati with her husband and daughters, and she still sings when her schedule allows—most recently with the May Festival Chorus, the official choir of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra.

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