If you haven’t read the first three book in the series, go and buy them, read them and then come back. This review contains spoilers and you really don’t want the first three books spoiled, trust me.

******Spoilers for Secret Society Girl, Under the Rose and Rites of(spring) break******

If you’re still here, I’m sure you’re dying to know what happened after Amy told Poe she was, “really sick of secrets”.

Well…I’m not telling. What I will say is this-

The knights of Rose and Grave are graduating, so much of the book centres around their search for replacements and it’s fun to see the Tap process from the inside.

The search for taps means that quite a few new characters are introduced and some of my favourites got less page time than I’d have liked.

Having said that, Diana does do a great job of tying up everyone’s loose ends and making the new characters interesting and well rounded. If she gets tired of killer Unicorns there’s definitely a place for the adventures of the new R&G; knights.

Amy is still a utterly engaging and likable narrator. I love her asides and her lists and her general attitude.

The book is as fast paced as the previous three and the dialogue, especially between Amy and Jamie, sparkles.

Books Worth Reading:

Tap & Gown is a great conclusion to the series. It’s a little darker than the pervious three books. I know that sounds strange as Amy got kidnapped in ROSB but to me it just was.

So to conclude, it made me laugh and cry (twice) and took me back to my own final days at University. The sadness, the excitement and the sheer overwhelmingness of deciding what to do next are really captured here.

Just one tiny spoiler. Poe drinks Gimlets, could I love him more?

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