Against all odds Katniss and Peeta both survived the Capitol’s Hunger Games and came home victorious.

Life should be good but the Capitol is not happy that they have two victors not one. Especially as the unexpected turn of events has sparked the rumblings of a rebellion in the Districts.

President Snow visits and tells Katniss unless she can convince the Districts that she acted out of love and not defiance, the consequences, for her and all the people she loves, will be horrifying.

The Hunger Games was one of my favourite books of 2008 and I was desperately impatient for the sequel.

Catching Fire did not disappoint. Again I was completely sucked into Katniss world and dragged along by the narrative. The pace is frantic, especially in the second half. This is not a book you can put down and come back to the next day.

But Collins manages not to sacrifice character to the pace. Old characters are developed and the new characters introduced feel real and complex. I especially enjoyed Finnick, a past winner of the Games and I love Haymitch, Katniss and Peeta’s often drunk and sarcastic mentor.

Then there’s the boys. Should Katniss choose Peeta her fellow tribute in The Hunger Games who declared his love for her to the world and then did everything he could to keep her alive or Gale her childhood friend. I have to say I’m torn. When I finished the book I really wanted her to be with Peeta but now I think Gale might be what she needs.

If I had to choose a team

(and I do so I can display a cool button, pick yours up at Galleycat)

I would have to be Team Katniss.

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She’s the thing I love best about the books. I love her pragmatism, ruthlessness and how much she’s grown in the two books.

If you haven’t read Catching Fire you should and if you have you might be interested in The Literary League Read’til YA Drop who are kicking off with a discussion of Catching Fire. I can’t wait.

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