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January 2, 2023

Saturday, 2 July 2011

What, When, Where and How do you Read?

I have always been the reader among my friends and family, because they believe I am a voracious reader I have always held that image of myself too. Visiting the blogs participating in Nomes 2001 Faves Lists though, it became clear that I am not voracious compared to you guys!

Which got me thinking ~ what, where, when and how do other people read?

 So I thought I’d ask.

What do you read?
Do you read mainly YA,? A mixture of adult, YA, MG?

The bulk of my reading is now YA, probably a 4:1 ratio with adult books.

Where do you read?
Do you take your book out and about with you? Or always read at home? 

I tend you read at home, I’ll use my iphone and read blogs if I’m at a loose end when I’m out.

When do you read?
Do you schedule it in? Do you read all day? At night? In the morning? Do you sandwich in your reading or do you prefer to have a good chuck of time?

I tend to read at night. Although if a book is brilliant I’ll chuck the chores and read through my son’s nap time. I like to know I’ve got a big chuck of time (or at least half an hour) to sink into the book.

Do you read more than one book at a time? Do you use audio books?

I can only seem to do one book at a time. I am becoming more and more of a fan of audio books, although the narrator has to be right.

I’m really curious so I hope you’ll share : D

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  1. 1. i seem to binge on a lot of YA ~ then get weary of it and catch up on all my adult authors. lately, i've only been reading adult books. not sure when i will be in the mood for YA again? i used to be 50/50 YA/adult, but since joining the blogosphere (which is mostly YA blogs) i am more 75/25 (leaning towards YA)

    2. pretty much always at home. but i do take my books with me to appointments 🙂

    3. at night time. i often can't sleep and start and finish a book entirely in one go while lying in bed (until 2 or 3 am). if i am half way through an awesome book i will read snatches of it whenever i can in the day.

    4. haven't done the audio thing yet ~ but got one out from the lib last week (one i want to read but they only have in audio) so am looking forward to giving it a go …

    i much prefer reading one at a time. but often i'll discard one if i suddenly get a book i am dying to read. then i'll usually some back to the discarded one

    loved this post idea 🙂



  2. as a young adult i really only read young adult, but i'm just starting to read adult books now, i've read about 5. i'm looking forward to starting adult books.

    i'll read anyway, but usually at home. tend to carry one with me if i i think i'll have a spare moment. i take one to school with me, but it doesn't always leave my locker.

    once again, i'll read when i feel like it. once i'm really enjoying a book i just don't stop unless i have to. i enjoy reading without disruptions though, so i'll often read in the afternoon when no one else is home.

    it varies. i often read more than one book at once, but i tend to have a 'main' book. i usually have a kids book, reread or non-fiction next to my bed because i have to read at night, but this way i don't end up reading all night. at the moment i'm having trouble getting into one, so i have Raw Blue, Night People and the Book Thief all partly read.

    this is a clever idea 🙂


  3. 1. I read mostly YA and a little bit of adult fiction. It's probably a 90:10 ration :p Lately I've been picking up a few biographies though…

    2. I mostly read in bed where it's comfy. I tried to read on the bus to work but usually I'm sleepy so that doesn't work. Today I read in the park! It all depends on my mood.

    3. I read whenever the mood takes me. I only schedule it in if I REALLY want to finish a book. Mornings and late at night are my favourite times to read.

    4. I read more than one book at a time if I am being completely captivated by one. I have *just* taken my first step into the world of audio books – Marchetta's On The Jellicoe Road – and I have to say it is good to listen to while I'm doing chores 🙂

    I like these questions, really good idea!


  4. I am definitely read pretty much all YA. Although that only has happen n the last few years. Before then if was mostly adult books paranormal and contemps.

    I take my kindle wherever I go but I generally only read at home.

    I read pretty much every night. On and off from when I get home from work.

    I can't read more than one book at a time. If the book is good generally you get so caught up in you don't won't to stop reading.

    Great post 🙂


  5. 1. I only review YA, so that's the majority of what I read. I usually catch up on my adult books on the weekends, because during those I kind of take a break from my blog-reading schedule.

    2. I read everywhere I go. I always have a book with me, usually it's in the form of my Nook Color, but if I'm reading a physical book I will take that instead. When I do that, I usually take a back-up book too though. LOL

    3. I read as much as possible. I get up every morning and do blogging related stuff and housework. After that I'm free to read at leisure. I do take breaks to check my email or other various stuff. At night when I'm chatting online, I'm often reading at the same time. I'm such a nerd. 😉

    4. I don't do audio books. I can't stand someone reading to me. I usually only read one book at a time, but there are times I might have one started and for whatever reason I can't get into it so I start another.


  6. Nomes – wow a book in a night, I'm impressed although rubbish that you can't sleep, I LOVE sleep 🙂 Hope you review some of your adult books as I need some good ones, the ones I've read lately have left me kind of depressed at the end 🙁

    Anna – oh you are lucky, I wish I had read YA as a teen. I just kind of skipped it, probably why I'm an addict now 🙂 I love that you have to do re-reads so you're not up all night

    Emily – I love biographies I really need to read some more. Reading in the park, I used ot do that in my lunch break ~ so nice! Audio books are great for when you're doing the ironing I find. I've tried when I'm running but find I slow down if it's at a sad/thoughtful bit 🙂 Maybe I need to try Divergent or something on audio!

    Nic ~ I'm the same if I find I'm wanting to pick up another book it's usually because the one I'm reading is boring me.

    Amanda ~ oh interesting that you split your book reading into blogging and non blogging. I love being read to, as long as the voice is right, there is a particular woman who dies audio books whose voice I can not stand! Now I'm not sure if I actually disliked the book or just her way of reading it 🙂


  7. 1. Anymore I mostly read YA, but that's because those are the books I hear about, as a blogger. Before I became a blogger it was pretty much a 50/50 mixture because I would go to the library and wander both sections before coming out with my stack.

    2. I am never, ever, EVER without a book. Going on a car trip? Bring a book (or 10). Going to the store with dad? Bring a book. Going to class? DEFINITELY bring a book. Even, on occasion, going to work? Bring a book (but hide it really well and don't admit you have it).

    3. I read whenever I have time, though usually anymore that turns out to mostly be while I'm eating breakfast and a few hours before bed. If I have the day off work I usually allow myself something like two hours, one in the morning and one in the afternoon to read during the day aside from the typical.

    4. I mostly only do audio books for things I have read before. If it's a new book, then the person on the audio book can't read fast enough for me – in the summer I regularly go through a book a day, and I couldn't do that on audio books.

    I can read more than one book at a time, and I often do if one is too big or too heavy to go in my purse. But, going through them so fast, sometimes it will be that yes, technically I'm "reading" another one at the same time, because I'm halfway through, but I'll stop, speed my way through the one I want, and then go back to the original one, so that's not quite reading multiples at once.

    Great idea, let us know what your results are!


  8. I probably read two parts YA, two parts MG, one part adult, though it's prone to vary as I do tend to binge on series. Since I got the Kindle, I read everywhere. On the train, in queues, you name it! And I've got a big pile of physical books on my bedside table that I'm working through at a steady pace as well.


  9. 1. I read mostly YA, with a random chic lit or romance novel thrown in. Although for re-reads I tend to read adult fiction more often just because for some reason I own more adult than YA–probably because I read so much YA that I get it from the library so I don't go broke.

    2. I get the most reading done at home, but I always bring either a book or my kindle with me when I go out in case I have some down time. I also read on the bus a lot.

    3. I read in the evening after work mostly, but if I get sucked into a book I have no trouble staying up til 3 a.m. to finish a book.

    4. I usually only do one book at a time, unless I can't get into one of the one's I'm reading–in which case I read another to give myself a break. I have a hard time getting into audio books unless it's on a road trip.

    Awesome post!


  10. I read a lot too! I read YA, MG & adult – in all kinds of genres: sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal, adventure, light suspense (I'm a wimp!), contemporary, & adult romance.

    I usually read while I'm prepping supper & while I'm hanging out with the family after supper, then again at night after I'm done writing and blogging. I can't go to sleep without reading for at least a half-hour!

    I do have my Kindle & iPod touch with me at all times, so I read those outside of the house when I have time – and those are on different books.

    Then of course, I read out loud at school – and usually have one on the go on my desk.

    Yup – it's a little nuts 🙂


  11. 1. Mainly YA, with adult fiction and even occasionally some nonfiction thrown in. But really mostly YA.

    2. Anywhere. Mostly at home, but we do tend to take books out and about with us, just in case we get caught somewhere (a store line, a kid's soccer game, etc.) and have some down time.

    3. Before bed, on weekends, and as we mentioned above, any moments in the day that we can sneak it in.

    4. Usually one at a time, but if it's going slow, we might pick up a more exciting alternate to switch between.


  12. I think I've pretty much been exclusively YA this year 😮 Well, with a few exceptions! And totally a contemp junkie, I would say 70% of the books are contemp :p

    I love reading in my bed! Surrounded by covers, a good reading light, and a comfy pillow. #bliss 😛

    During the school year, I'd usually give myself friday afternoon to read lol, and of course, before bed (if i haven't collapsed from exhasution yet). usually weekends but depends on school, right? 😛 In the summer, I read when I can tear myself away from the internet!

    And I can't read more than one book at a time (well, i really prefer not to) which kind of stinks if I'm reading a book I'm not into at ALL, but can't move on :p then I'm stuck not reading any books for a whole week or so. and i can't ever use audiobooks! They just don't… work for me 😛 haha

    anyways, great post! This was really interesting, I love reading everyone else's answers too!


  13. I read mostly YA and MG (50/50) with a few adult books thrown into the mix.

    I read at home, though I take a book with me to doctors appointments/oil changes in the off chance I'll have a minute or two to read.

    I read at night, before I go to sleep, unless a book has hooked me, and then I read whenever my girls will let me!

    I usually start reading two or three books at a time, then put the others down when one has hooked me. Sometimes I pick the books I discarded back up once I'm finished with the one I chose to read, but sometimes I don't. I love audio books and usually have one playing in the car, but you're right–the narrator has to be good. I've never come across a better narrator than Jim Dale. I love him!

    Fun post, Alexa!


  14. 1. I read a lot of YA and other literary fiction. Somethings I get into a good book of poetry and a good memoir, and occasionally crime fiction. But lately I've been obsessed with YA.

    2. I read everywhere. Home, in bed, trains, lunch break at work, cafes…

    3. I read any time. If I wake up and have nothing to do that day, I will read in the morning. If I'm reading a good book, I will read throughout the whole day. And I read heaps at night. But I read on the train to and from work every day too.

    4. paperbacks

    One at a time

    I think I will go read now


  15. Anne – You have so much reading time I'm envious 🙂 I like listening to books i've read before on audio too. I find it easier to break down all the things I like about them when someone else is reading – which helps with my writing.

    Amie -Kindles are great for their lightness. I always buy hardbacks on my kindle now so I can carry them about, well nearly always obviously some books I have to have in book form 🙂

    Karen – sigh I used to be able to stay up late reading, but now I am just dead in the day time ~ so I have to save it for special books 🙂

    Jemi – LOL I'm a wimp too 🙂 I have tried readin while cooking, but things get burned! I am not a good multi tasker 🙂

    Kim – me too, when I have a great book, Will sometimes gets to play with the ipad LOL ~ naughty mummy.

    Lana – i love paperbacks too, but sometimes I can't wait 🙂 Enjoy your reading!

    Thanks everyone I loved reading your answers 🙂

    We Heart YA – yes I sometimes sandwich a quick fun book between a long serious book.

    Audrey – me too! Love contemp and I love reading in bed, especially in the mornings.


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