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January 2, 2023

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

The Lions of Bath

 I was uploading our holiday photos to the computer and thought I would share some.

Below are

The Lions of Bath

There are 100 Lions scattered around the city,  more information is here, if you’re interested. As soon as I saw the first one I wanted to try and track them all down and my good sport of a mother agreed. So we bought a map and told the baby we were going on a Lion Hunt.

These are some of my favourites. If I’d gotten to design a lion it would of course be covered in quotes or maybe pictures from Dr Suess.

What would you put on your Lion?


  1. Lions–cool! I LOVE the last photo. If I had a chance to design a lion, I think I'd cover it in pictures from classic "children's" novels. Alice, Peter Pan, Long John Silver…even an Ugly-Wuglie or two! Or maybe just characters from C.S. Lewis's Narnia series. That would be cool. Aslan on Aslan.

    Or maybe pretty teacups? Or old rock band photos! A Beatles lion! No–an Audrey Hepburn lion!


  2. Wow, these are so cool! We have cows in Houston πŸ™‚ Umm, I think I would put quotes from my favorite books on my lion. Yep, that would be it.


  3. wow – these are completely awesome and such a brilliant idea. i love it – my kids would so love seeing these too! thanks for sharing these pics, i absolutely love stuff like this.

    my fave one here is the third one – very funky!


  4. Kim – oh that would be great Aslan on Aslan but I love the tea cups too. You should be designing the lions!

    Meredith – Oh I saw the cow parade in Mexico once, is it similar? Quotes are cool.

    Nomes – Aren't they fun, I love things like this too, hence the lion hunt πŸ™‚ Ah, the one you like best was the one sponsored by Waterstones (English bookstore) so appropriate!


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