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January 2, 2023

Saturday, 16 October 2010


I just caught this trailer  while watching Glee (which is utterly brilliant this season). I want to see Tangled so much. It looks very cute.

Plus, it features the voice of Zachury Levi! I adore Zachury Levi! Seriously if I was going to have a fake boyfriend Zachury Levi would be it.  Or rather Chuck would be. He is just adorable in Chuck! In Good Guy V Bad Boy, I’m generally on the good guy side with the odd exception.

Aw, too cute. 

This blog might be improved greatly by a weekly Zachary Levi post, don’t you think?

Plus, I always think of him when I imagine one of the characters in Emma, which is fun, even though he’s older and taller.


  1. I can't WAIT to see Tangled!!! My girls and I are going the minute it comes out (okay, not at midnight–but in the morning!).


  2. tangled does look completely awesome. and cute. and thansk for the visual so i can imagine the guy behind the voice. niiiiice



  3. omg, yes yes yes :p i saw this trailer a while ago and totally cracked up at the 'smoulder' part! i dont watch Chuck so i wouldn't know… but anyways, this movie looks really cute πŸ™‚


  4. The trailer looks great! πŸ™‚


  5. Can't wait for this movie–it looks like so much fun!


  6. Weekly Zachary Levi post! Excuse me while I faint dead away. (I wonder if he knows mouth to mouth.)


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