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January 2, 2023

Monday, 5 May 2008

Sunday Salon – Struggling and Sailing

I haven’t managed much reading this Sunday as I have been on a weekend sailing course. A lot of fun but hard work, reading about it didn’t quite prepare me for doing it!

I have managed a couple of chapters of The Thirteeth Tale by Diane Setterfield. I was really excited about this book. It came highly recommended and had so many good reviews but I am really struggling with it. I love the writing but I’m not really engaged with the characters. It’s not so bad that I won’t finish but I’m not dying to pick it up either.

It’s especially hard to keep going as I got an Amazon delivery of the following;

Life as we know it – Susan Beth Pfeffer

Looking for Alaska – John Green

The Inheritance of Lost – Kiran Desai

All of which are crying out to be started.


  1. The Setterfied seems to have been a book that has divided readers. Like you, I was quite excited about the idea but very disappointed in the execution. I felt she was all the time trying to be someone else – no genuine voice at all. And yet many of my friends thought it was wonderful.


  2. I loved The Thirteenth Tale — particularly the character of the narrator. I read the book several months ago, but I keep thinking about her.


  3. I felt the same way about “Thirteenth Tale” when I started it – a little disappointed after all the hoopla. But I stuck with it and ended up liking it a lot – I think it picks up about halfway through. But I always say life is too short to read books you don’t really love – there are always so many good ones out there!


  4. Tale Talk – yes I think that is the problem no one stong voice.
    Julie – Really maybe she’ll grow on me but I find her very blah at the moment.
    Jlshall – I’m nearly half way so we’ll see.


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