Not Enough Bookshelves: Six Things on Sunday

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Six Things on Sunday

1) Hello from the UK! We’re just about settled in and recovered from jet lag. Although as the clocks have just gone forward that’s messed us up again. It’s only an hour, but it feels like 5!

2) On the upside, I am now living in one of the most gorgeous villages in England. Rolling hills, lovely pubs, village greens, ponds, and the most wonderful church. Which has a very beautiful and atmospheric graveyard – it’s enough to make me want to write a ghost story.

3) Talking of stories – I have just started a new one. For two reasons a) it’s been nagging at me since Christmas and b) the computer, containing the dreaded, soul destroying WIP, is in the Unaccompanied Air Freight. Which DHL have helpfully misplaced, it may be at Heathrow, in a warehoue. It may be in Atlanta – who knows – not DHL anyway.

4) Also in the UAF are some ARC’s I need to review (and really want to read!), so I really hope DHL finds it quickly. Until then I have been reading The Education of Hailey Kendrick by Eileen Cook – it’s very funny.

5) It has come to my attention that not only have I barely read any UK YA, but I follow no UK bloggers. Can you help me out? Recommendations of Brilliant British Book Bloggers and Brilliant British books would be highly appreciated.

6) Um. . .yes . . .I don’t actually have a six. This was meant to be a Friday Five post but, I mean, I lost a whole hour this weekend.

Well it’s nice to be back. I missed blogging and I missed comments (hint, hint!). Please do leave those  Brit recommendations – thanks.


  1. Depending on how eclectic your book choices are: Book Chic City and I realize I don't really know where most of the bloggers I follow live!

    If you like young YA books; Michael Morpurgo is fabulous


  2. Yay! You are back. Glad to hear you have arrived safely. Although it sucks DHL has misplaced you stuff.

    UK bloggers I follow The Bookette. She even hosts a UK author reading challenge. So a great place for rec.


  3. yay for being back home! I've missed your posts 🙂

    I follow only a couple of UK bloggers: I was a teenage book geek


    the crooked shelf

    I have links to both in my fave bloggers on my blog 😀

    as for UK YA. hmm… I don't know much about it (but I do read A LOT of UK chick lit ~ you guys have heaps of it!)

    I do have a UK YA shelf on goodreads ~ but it's very small (only books I've read in the last two years). I'm hoping you'll be my UK YA go-to-girl! haha

    my tiny UK YA shelf (and they're not necessarily fave reads, but it might get you started on some authors?:

    I know more about the Aussie scene and the new zealand stuff 😀


  4. You're back!!! I'm so glad! I've missed your wonderful blog posts. I hope to be able to come visit you in your lovely English village! It sounds so picturesque. Are you going to give us any hints about the new book you're writing? Is it a ghost story, inspired by the graveyard in your village? 🙂


  5. What an exciting move, and your new home sounds gorgeous! Glad you're settling in.
    I don't have many UK YA blog recs, but I do enjoy the blog of Tamsyn Murray (author of My So-Called Afterlife):

    Good luck with the new story, and I hope DHL finds your stuff quickly!


  6. Helen – thanks I'll check them out 🙂

    Nic – Thanks, it's nice to be back but yes DHL suck! I'll head over to The Bookette, sounds good.

    Nomes – thanks 🙂 Yes there is chick lit everywhere in the bookstores and I actually just picked up What Alice Forgot after you're review! Thanks for the recommendations

    Kim – Thank you my lovely! And I do hope you'll make it to the UK at some point.

    Angie – thanks so much and, yes, fingers crossed on DHL!


  7. Yay! You're back. I do love Eileen's book too. Her best one yet, I think.


  8. Um, I'm moving to your English village right now. Not even kidding. 🙂 Congrats on the move! So glad to hear you're settled in, even with all the time changes!


  9. Yay, you're back! To quote a five year old I was chatting with recently, I missed your face! (Not me? I asked. No, she said. Your face. She also loved my face over the course of the conversation.)

    Your village sounds divine. What's the chance we can wheedle a few pictures of that picturesque countryside?


  10. Joelle – yes I really enjoyed it. She's very funny,

    Meredith – Heehee and thanks it's quite the change but we are getting there.

    Amie – thanks and that is so funny, I love the things kids say. Ohh I'm sure I can do soem photos as soon as I find the camera wire thingy 🙂


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