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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Road Trip Wednesday – Tattoos

What tattoo would you get to pay homage to a favorite book or celebrate the success of your own?

I do like it when characters have tattoos in books. I love how they always have some meaning behind them, rather than “well I got drunk and I woke up with this“.

I adore that Melina Marchetta had Will get a tattoo in The Piper’s Son. I also love Wes’s hand in the heart tattoo from Sarah Dessen’s The Truth about Forever. The meaning and inspiration behind both of those tattoos is wonderful.

The best tattoos though belong to Po in Graceling. I’d like to see those!

In my WIP, one of the characters has a tattoo of a compass (long story, hopefully an interesting one!) If the book is ever finished, represented, published etc, I may get over my fear and get that to celebrate. Although I may just buy the cute compass necklace I saw on etsy instead.

What would you get?

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  1. Re. character tattoos, I'm surprised no one has mentioned Melissa Marr's characters yet. I thought they'd be in every post.

    I like that compass pendant!


  2. I don't think I can name a character in a book with a tattoo off the top of my head. There is none that I remember right now. I'm def. gonna pay attention to that now though! I want the devil horns (rock symbol) for my own WIP- it's based on 60/70's rock n roll- yeah, baby!


  3. what about the mortal instruments tatoo's ..I'm all for characters having them…but not for me.


  4. Oh, that necklace is gorgeous! Love the compass. 🙂

    I pass out when I get pricked with a needle, so no tats for me, but I did post a bunch of cool (and not so cool) literary tats on my blog for RTW today!


  5. I love the idea of a compass tattoo! I know a girl who got that on the heel of one of her feet, which I always thought was just perfect. It's like an assurance that she's heading in the right direction. Also, it's not that obvious a spot, so it never needs to be covered up!


  6. Very cool! A compass sounds awesome 🙂


  7. I love that necklace! And I'm actually getting a Harry Potter tattoo (the Hogwarts crest). It's in planning right now. Ridiculously nerdy, I know, but I want to pay tribute to something that has literally been a force in my life.


  8. My favorite tattooed book character is Bran from SON OF THE SHADOWS by Juliet Marillier. One half of his entire body is tattooed and it all started with a small bee on the inside of his wrist representing him taking control of his own life. *sigh*

    I would undoubtedly get a favorite quote. Some Shakespeare or Emily Dickinson.


  9. "I love how they always have some meaning behind them, rather than "well I got drunk and I woke up with this"." … Now I want to have a character in a book with a drunk-tat >.> 🙂


  10. I've already got a couple tattoos so I am not against the idea at all. But one that goes with a book. Off the top of my head, how about a mockingjay (from Hunger Games, etc)?


  11. I come across characters with scars much more than with tattoos–probably because I read more MG and young YA than older YA or crossover fiction. And because I adore Megan Whalen Turner's writing, I have to tell you about Eugenides, the Queen's Thief, who is given an "approval scar" from the god of thieves (also named Eugenides), when he steals something super important. The scar is in the shape of a feather–the symbol of thieves.

    Plus, Harry Potter has a wicked cool scar.

    I wouldn't want to get a tattoo, but I might be okay with a cool-looking scar… 🙂


  12. Haha, Will's tat was the first thing I thought of when you brought this up 🙂 If anything, I'd get a quote because i'm such a quote-y person. Most likely one from MM's works 😛
    nice post, really interesting!


  13. A compass would be awesome. Meaningful, but not cliched or overdone. Plus, there are lots of potential styles: clean and simple, Victorian/Steampunk, Sea-faring . . .


  14. I love Wes's tattoo from Truth About Forever, but really I want one of his angel sculptures in my garden. If anyone finds one made out of bottle caps, let me know!


  15. Oh my God that necklace — WANT WANT WANT. That is so beautiful! I have a weird obsession with compass symbols. And clocks. And all kinds of cool awesome vintage-y symbols like that.


  16. A compass tattoo would be awesome- partly because it's a running inside joke with my friends, but don't let that deter you. I'd like to hear the long interesting story! (:


  17. Kate- I might be the only person who has not yet read the Wicked Lovely books! Imust get round to it.

    Marquita a that would be very cool!

    Julie – another series I have yet to read!

    Abby – yes I think I would need a local anesthetic to have one 🙂

    Meredith – oh that is very cool. Someone told me the feet are the most painful place to have a tattoo though.

    Kaitlin – thanks

    Becca – oh that is such fun. I love it!

    Angie – that book is now on my TBR list, sounds wonderful. A quote would be great in a lovely script.

    Ellen- Lol as soon as I write that I had the same thought.

    Helen – that would be cool.

    Kim – scars are very dashing.

    Audrey – love Will's one I kind of melted when he explained it *sigh*

    Kristen – a steampunk compass would be amazing.

    Kierah – me too. If I found them I'd react like Macy's sister and buy them all up 🙂


  18. Cool idea for the compass tattoo (and LOVE that necklace)! I got my first tattoo last month for my birthday–I was scared, but it was manageable. I think a favorite quote would be cool too…maybe next time. 😉 There is a whole blog devoted to literary tats, which is fun to browse:


  19. Just tagged you, look @ my blog to see the questions, then copy them here and reply yourself please! =)


  20. what about the mortal instruments tatoo's
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  21. That's such a beautiful necklace. I'm struggling to remember any book I've read that had tattoos in it. I mean, I can't even remember Po's, and I LOVE Po! I think I need to reread Graceling.


  22. Angie – Nice way to celebrate. Thanks for the link.

    Lora – oh cool I'll take a look later.

    Prashant – I haven't read them yet. I have them for summer reading 🙂

    Rhiannon – You do! Po's tattoos are meant only to be seen by his wife *swoons a little*


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