Not Enough Bookshelves: Review – Jessica Darling

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Review – Jessica Darling

Sloppy Firsts & Second Helpings – Megan McCafferty

Description – These two books are the first in series of five following the adventures of Jessica Darling.

In Sloppy Firsts Jesscia is 16, hyper smart and analytical and traumatized by her best friend Hope’s departure to Tennessee. Through diary entries we see her battle her way through a year of confusion and angst.

Second Helpings continues Jessica’s high school struggle and and takes us to the end of her senior year. With lots of introspection over boys, friends, sex, writing, college choices and who exactly she is and wants to be.

Review – I picked up Sloppy First because a lot of people have been getting very excited about the fifth and final book coming out and the title made me laugh.

I wanted to love them more then I did.

I liked Jessica, she’s funny and sarcastic and full of angst despite having nothing, really, to be angsty about. She’s the kind of character I normally adore. But although she made me laugh out loud, a lot, at other times I did want to shut the book on her.

My favourite parts were Jessica’s encounters with Marcus Flutie (or MARCUS FLUTIE, as she would say). He’s such a great character, I am a sucker for reformed bad boys though, and I loved the t-shirts and the poems. I’m hoping he has more page time in the next three books.

I also liked the secondary characters especially Bridget, Pepe and Jesscia’s Mom and Grandma.

I much preferred Second Helpings to Sloppy First so I’m hoping the books keep getting better. I’ll let you know.


  1. I haven’t read these books, but I’m so familiar with the “wanting to love it more than I do” phenomenon. I feel this with John Green a lot (Markus Zusak too — although The Book Thief I genuinely, truly loved), and it is such a tough feeling.


  2. Elizabeth – Yes it’s disappointing I as the sae with Inkheart. I loved the Book Thief so much I almost don’t want to read anything else by him because how can it compare. I do that sometimes, which is strange 🙂


  3. Hi. I’m not sure if you’ve received this award yet but I have an award here for you:


  4. This series is “YA candy” for me. Not earth-shattering, but good enough to get lost and enjoy myself. I’ll be interested to see what you think of the rest of the series. 🙂


  5. I read these books a couple years ago and liked them well enough but not enough to buy any more of them. Now, though, you’ve got me interested again so I might just have to look for them at the library.

    And I agree about the bad boy angle!


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