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January 2, 2023

Friday, 5 February 2010


If you’re waiting for snowpocalypse 2 to begin here are some links to keep you amused. If you are somewhere warm and sunny I’m jealous and don’t like you but you may also enjoy the links.

Jennifer Hubbard author of The Secret Year (which I’m currently reading and it’s amazing) on how to critique. This is really useful advice for us beginning writers. She also has a great post on how to receive critiques too.

Agent Michael Bourret is interviewed over at Joelle Anthony’s blog. Always interesting to hear from agents. Although he wouldn’t tell what happens in client Lisa McMann’s Gone – spoil sport!

Ellen Hopkins has a beautiful post on What a book is Worth – thank to Elizabeth Scott for that link. It’s a post I wouldn’t have wanted to miss.

and if you’re in the mood for laughs you can’t go wrong with Sarah Rees Brennan’s guest post on Justine Larbalestier’s blog. Although behind all the funny she makes an important point too, which I completely agree with. Social commentary through comedy, my favourite kind!


Jemi Fraser said…

These all sound like great links – thanks 🙂

Kelly said…

That SRB post CRACKED ME UP! Thanks for calling my attention to it…I'm way behind in my feed reader so I might've missed it!

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