Not Enough Bookshelves: Happy New Year & blogs you should be reading in 2010

Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year & blogs you should be reading in 2010

Happy New Year

Thank you for reading, commenting and writing blogs of your own. I love being part of this community.

Since the baby arrived I have had to cut back on my blog reading, a lot. These are the blogs I always hit when I can. If you don’t read them you should add them to your blogroll in 2010.

Sarah Dessen

Although I’m English I’m American at heart (does that count on green card applications?). Sarah’s blog is a slice of how I imagine every day to be in a small American town to be (although I have no idea if her town is actually small). Her blog is very much like her books, you get pulled in to everyday events from the first sentence. She can make shopping for groceries interesting. Instead of Writergrl her blog could share the name of her latest book, Along for the Ride, because that’s how it feels.

Daisy Whitney at The Book Chick

I just discovered Daisy’s blog in the last few months of the year but it is now a firm favourite. Her energy, enthusiasm and love of reading and writing just jump off the screen and leave you feeling energized. I can’t wait for her debut novel The Mockingbirds or to see how she’s going to spread the word about it.


Another blog I discovered this year. James’ reviews are great and have made me want to read everything he has read. He loves the books he reviews. He also has excellent author interviews and funny stories about book signings he’s been too.

Diana Peterfreund

If you’ve been reading my blog for any time at all, you probably know that I LOVE Diana’s books. Her blog is just like them; funny, clever and entertaining, but not afraid to talk about serious topics and make you think about them too.

Joelle Anthony

An old favourite. I love Joelle’s blog, hearing about her writing and her Need to Read posts on books she loves. This year she introduced Wild Card Wednesday interviewing authors and aspiring authors, including yours truly.

Just Jemi

I adore Jemi’s posts on writing and I like how she ends each post with a question that gets me thinking. She also leaves wonderful comments.

K Harris Thacker

Another new blog but again a firm favoruite. I’m enjoying following Kim’s road to publication.

Elizabeth Scott

I adore her books and I adore her blog too. It is wonderfully chatty, has great contests and if you don’t have much time to search the internet Elizabeth is the Queen of Links. If it’s worth reading she will have linked to it.

Nathan Bransford

Agent, blogger and now writer too. I love Nathan’s posts. He is always interetsing and usually funny too. The only danger  is being sucked in to reading all the commetns, which are also interesting and funny.

Miss Snark’s First Victim

A must for all aspiring writers. I have learned so much from this blog. Kudos to all those who enter their work in the many competitions.

There are SO many more excellent blogs that I love and wish I could visit more regularly. What are your favourites?


Jemi Fraser said…

Thanks, Alexa – you're such a sweetie!

I know some of these blogs, but you've given me a few new ones to check out 🙂

Happy New Year!

Kim said…

Thanks for linking to me, Alexa! It's an honor to be listed here, especially among such great writers, agents, and all around cool people. I can't wait to check some of these out!

Kim said…

Forgot to list a couple of my favorites:

Gail Carson Levine's blog (her name dot blogspot dot com) is so amazingly helpful. She has lots of young bloggers visit her site, and the way she manages to answer all their questions and still give writer tips to more experienced writers is amazing!

Jane Yolen's journal (her name dot com, click on journal link) is so so lovely. She writes about everything, including the weather. I feel like we're old friends. She also answers ALL her emails, pronto! She's so cool.

BookChic said…

Thanks for linking to me!! 🙂 You're so sweet. I love reading your blog too- so awesome that Diana introduced us. Glad you like my blog. I love some of those blogs you mentioned too, like Sarah's and Elizabeth's.

Alexa said…

Jemi – hope you enjoy the new blogs. Happy New Year

Kim -Ooo thanks for the links I shall have a look

Bookchic – Your welcome. I know it's funny that we met at a book signing. Sarah & Elizabeth's blogs keep me going between books 🙂

Kelly said…

Wow! I haven't heard of most of these blogs. Looks like you helped me decide how to spend my New Year's Day. 😉 Off to read!

Daisy Whitney said…

Aww…thanks for the love!

Alexa said…

Kelly – enjoy!

Daisy – you are welcome thanks for your blog 🙂

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