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January 2, 2023

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Girl Crushes

My awesome friend Kim Harris Thacker (writer and mommy) is one of the hosts of Bookshop Talk, a fabulous new blog all about, yes you guessed it, books! They’re currently accepting reviews and guest posts, so go submit something, you could win a book – always a good thing.

The other day they featured a rather fabulous post by Lauren Gardner, all about fictional crushes. A favourite topic of mine. I left a very long comment, very long. I have many crushes. Awesome Kim also left a comment, including Ginny from the Harry Potter series.

Which got me thinking about girls I’m crushing on. While I tend to crush on the boys in books who I’d love in real life (no bad boys here thank you!), with girls it’s a case of opposites attracts.

So here are my current girl crushes:

Rose Hathaway

of The Vampire Academy Series by Richelle Mead

I’m currently tearing my way through this series. While I like the guys, I’m not swooning over any of them, but I have a serious crush on Rose.


The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Team Gale, Team Peeta? No, no, no TEAM KATNISS all the way.  (well maybe a little Team Peeta too!)


Harry Potter by J. K Rowling

How can you not love Hermione? She’s the cleverest witch of her generation, plus defender of House Elf rights and brilliant friend to Harry. And Emma Watson does such a brilliant job in the movies she’s made me love her more.

Elizabeth Bennet

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

If Mr Darcy is the ultimate boy crush, then Lizzie is height of my girl crushes. Wouldn’t you love her as a best friend? She’d always have your back with a witty comeback or put down for the mean girls.

So there you go, my girl crushes, they’re all girls who can kick ass, either literally, with magic or with words.

So which girls do you love and why?


  1. I second all of these girl crushes! Plus Audrey from Audrey Wait by Robin Benway–I wish I could be half as cool as her.


  2. I crush on Suze from Meg Cabot's MEDIATOR series for sure! And Betsy, from Betsy-Tacy, which I'm sure you knew. And I totally love the girl from THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE even though my brain is a muddle right now and I can't remember her name. Oh, duh. Lenny (John Lennon)! There are probably a lot more, but I'm editing these days, so my brain is MUSH.


  3. omg i just love the awesome in this post xD great picks… hmm girl crush.. i'd love to think Tara/frankie/taylor because they are just perfect and i would totally want to mee them. Katsa from Graceling, Mae from The Demon's Covenant, Viola from Chaos Walking trilogy…. hmm this is actually kind of hard :p im much better with boy crushes!
    love the post!


  4. Definitely Rose and Katniss. I love female characters that can kick butt! Also Francesca from Saving Francesca πŸ™‚


  5. Meredith – Oh yes Audrey is fabulous, I love her and Victoria!

    Joelle – Suze definitely gets a place on the list though she is kick ass! I adore Lennie too I just want to hug her

    Audrey – How did I forget Mae!!!

    Nic – Oh yes Francesca is awesome and up there with Lizzie for classic one liners πŸ™‚ I think I'm crushing on Francesca, Will and most of ALL Francesca and Will together πŸ™‚


  6. You are so kind to link to Bookshop Talk! Thank you! And yes, I think girl crushes deserve a post of their own, so I'm glad you are doing this!

    I "crush" on Ginny, for sure. And Hermione, and Luna, and Angelina, and Tonks. I love the HP gals!


    Honour/Beauty from Robin McKinley's BEAUTY, Anne Shirley from L.M. Montgomery's "Anne" books, Enna from Shannon Hale's "Bayern" series (and Isi, Dasha, and Rin, too), Sophie from Diana Wynne Jones's HOWL'S MOVING CASTLE, Lennie from Jandy Nelson's THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE, Princess Rosalind from Janet Lee Carey's DRAGON'S KEEP, Ella from Gail Carson Levine's ELLA ENCHANTED, Cassandra Mortmain from Dodie Smith's I CAPTURE THE CASTLE, Miggery Sow from Kate DiCamillo's THE TALE OF DESPEREAUX, Sara Crewe from Francis Hodgson Burnett's A LITTLE PRINCESS, Daphne from Terry Pratchett's NATION, Princess Poppy from Jessica Day George's PRINCESS OF GLASS, Mary Lennox from Francis Hodgson Burnett's THE SECRET GARDEN, Irene/Attolia from Megan Whalen Turner's "Thief" series, and Kit from Elizabeth George Speare's THE WITCH OF BLACKBIRD POND.

    It looks like I "crush" on girls (in fiction) way more than I crush on literary men! I thought I had a big list for Bookshop Talk! I love strong girls, or girls who discover their strengths. Such a great post, Alexa!!!


  7. This is really a wonderful post. I've been lovin' reading what everyone else has been saying.

    I know many might not understand, but man I crushed hard on Emma. I loved her spunk, her devotion to her dad, and good intentions and her ability to admit that she messed up.


  8. Kim – they are all such wonderufl characters. I absolutely LOVE Cassandra.

    Christina – thanks.

    I don't understand! No, only kidding. I studied EMMA at school and I think that's why she's always been my least favrouite Austen heroine. I like your reasons for loving her though.


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