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January 2, 2023

Friday, 15 January 2010


I am sleep deprived, hence the blog title, I’m proud I know what day it is right now.

Apart from having nowhere near the recommended 8 hours sleep a night (who says babies sleep a lot!) it has been a great week.

1) I write 10,000 words of the WIP. They are probably all gibberish but they are there ready to be transformed into less gibberish at a later date.

2) I’m reading The Cinderella Society by Kay Cassidy, which is amazing. This is going to be one of those books I am always wittering on about here, I’ll warn you now. I just adore it. Not only does it have a great message for girls of all ages, it’s funny too. So funny that my husband asked if I was reading Meg Cabot as I cackled away. Oh and there are hot boys, which you know I love.

3) I’m finally going to see Avatar tomorrow.

4) I impulse bought some Gourmet Kettlecorn Popcorn in Wholefoods, it was right by the checkout and I was starving. OMG it is SO good. terrible for the diet but so, so good.

5) I ran three times this week, well jogged, but I was moving.

What lovely things happened to you this week?

Have a great weekend.


greenwoman said…

Oh it was a nice week, wasn't it? I was gifted with Scrivener software by a friend! And I read Beautiful Creatures, which was lovely. And I have Liar waiting on my book stack to read next. And I was gifted with a healthy bread cookbook that uses whole grains to make delicious breads (my friends have it already and I have tasted the results for myself). And my birthday's not even for months! I have not exercised though, so you are ahead of me in that respect. I should probably get back in to the walking habit . ..

And now that I've dominated your comments with my long-windedness, I'll wish you a delightful weekend!

Jemi Fraser said…

Between ear infections, night terrors, growing pains, and the assorted "normal" disturbances, I don't think my kids let my have a full night's sleep for several years. It does get better though!

My highlight this week was a little girl in my class who struggles big time with math. She's worked hard this month. Much, much harder than at any time since September. She passed her very first test today. I didn't mark anyone else's, but I had to mark hers before she went home. I copied it so she could take it home to brag. Happy dance!!!

Kim said…

Jemi, I love your highlight! That is SO COOL.

My week was great–I found out that a childhood friend of mine who was given a 35% chance of surviving a rare T-cell lymphoma is now IN REMISSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone who wants to read his cool story should visit I'm so happy for him and for his sweet family. The revision of my novel is going great, my youngest daughter is over the flu, and we enjoyed some high 40's weather this week. A good week, all 'round.

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