Not Enough Bookshelves: Finally Friday

Friday, 13 August 2010

Finally Friday

Friday again and I’ve been largely absent from the internet, due to guests and the WIP behaving very badly. So not many links to share.

Diana Peterfreund posted a trailer of Rampant and Ascendant. Yay for killer unicorns!

Inkcrush shared how Simon and Schuster are promoting Crescendo down under! I loved, this but it’s so unfair. Not only to the Australians get Melina Marchetta’s novels a whole year before us now they have half naked men handing out free books! I’m lobbing for a posting to Australia next!

For those who have seen Inception I thought this was rather funny. I really enjoyed Inception but now find I can’t really remember anything that happened, apart from that van falling very slowly.

And finally, I’m thinking of maybe moving blog homes and was wondering if anyone used wordpress of livejournal and liked/hated them? And the reason I’m thinking of leaving blogger is because it does rubbish things like not allowing me to make the Acsendant trailer smaller! (of course this could me my general incompetence and things would be the same of wordpress LJ but let’s blame blogger.)

Thanks! Have great weekends.


  1. Grrr! Must move to Australia! >.<

    That Inception pic was funny. XD

    (I haven't used Livejournal in years. I didn't like it, honestly.)


  2. Sometimes, it feels good to be Australian 🙂 thanks for the link love. I grin when I think about those boys in Sydney…

    love Leonardos expression in that last pic. Classic! And LOL @ the van falling really slowly. I think I've forgotten a lot about it too.

    hey, I change the size of my youtubes when i post them – and trust me when i say i know nothing about html (you will have the same drama on wordpress, i think).

    This is what i do:

    1. go to html tab
    2 find where it says: width="440" height="305"
    3. I took the above thing from my Hush hush post – the numbers are modified by me, originally it was something like width 660 and height 515 – all you need to do is change the size to a smaller number (you could try the numbers i made up – 440 and 305)
    4. preview post and see is it's still kind of in proportion/looks all right/is the size you want.

    maybe there is a proper way to do it? but i just guess and fiddle, but only with the width and height – no idea what the rest of it means 🙂


  3. A.J. Me too! Thanks about the LJ

    Nomes – You=genius! Thank you!

    The Sydney boys just cracked me up!


  4. Alexa, I would recommend wordpress. I have a friend who makes websites, and this is what she uses. She says they are amazingly user-friendly. In fact, she's going to create a new website for me that has all sorts of do-dads, like traffic trackers and stuff. Anyhow, she loves wordpress.


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