Not Enough Bookshelves: Finally Friday*

Friday, 12 March 2010

Finally Friday*

This week has seemed long. I’ve been battling with edits on my WIP. If you too are battling, all I can say is, I feel your pain, and write a kissing scene. Or an almost kissing scene. Even if you have to cut it. Nothing cheers you up, like a kissing scene. If your book doesn’t have kissing scenes, sheesh, add them quick! Kissing scenes rock.

Writing in American English is changing me. I got called out, by an English friend, for starting to sound American. I am, gleefully, awaiting the day, I can pull of y’all.

Not much else happening here. I’ve been enjoying the sunshine (hello spring!), and catching up on my blogs. So I have some great links to share. Here we go:

Daisy Whitney on 1000 True Fans. This is such an interesting post. Are you a true fan of anyone? I’m a fan of many authors, but a true fan of just a few; Elizabeth Scott, Melina Marchetta, Diana Peterfreund, E.Lockhart, Robin Benway and Joelle Anthony. I have a feeling, if Daisy’s book is half as awesome as her blog, I’ll be adding her to the list.

Melina Marchetta on Personal Taste guesting on, Justine Larbalestier’s blog, because, well I’m a true fan. I’d read anything by her and this is really interesting.

Pam Barchorz on her inspiration wall. I love seeing how writers work.

Shannon Hale on the lack of lead girls in childrens movies. This is a great post, give us more girls Hollywood!

Finally, Angie of AngieVille on reading Peter Pan with her son. I love this post, there are so many books, I can’t wait to share, with my son.

Have a lovely weekend, writing, reading or doing whatever it is you love!

Oh and remember to enter, to win, Hex Hall.  It could make your weekend

* and yes I totally, stole borrowed, this blog title, from Joelle Anthony. It’s going to be a phenomenon, maybe even, leg – wait for it – endary!


Jemi Fraser said…

Sunshine is good! We had a lot earlier, but it's pretty grey & misty now. Hoping for the sun to break through again!

Thanks for the links – they sound awesome 🙂

Kelly said…

You spelled "y'all" correctly, so you're well ahead of most people!

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