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Thursday, 4 February 2010

Everything can go!

I am heading into my fifth and (oh please!) last round of edits on EU* I’ve read a lot about editing, a lot! I know you must be ruthless, I know you must kill your darlings, I know nothing is scared.


I always thought one thing was, the seed. The original idea that started the whole book growing in my head. The what if?

Turns out it isn’t. Keeping it has been the thing that’s been nagging at me. The reason I knew EU just wasn’t quite right. But I couldn’t see it because it was where the book began. Without it how could I have a book?

Then as I plotted out the story arc again. I asked is this necessary? And as soon as I asked the question, I realised it wasn’t, it isn’t, so it’s gone.

Let’s hope I called it right this time and my beat readers don’t feel an essential element is missing! Of course if I they do I can always put it back in. Which is the beauty of writing, eveything can be undone.

* no it isn’t a book about the European Union!


R! said…

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L. Diane Wolfe said…

I know the feeling – nothing in one's manuscript is sacred! Brave of you to hack the one thing you thought couldn't go.

Lady Glamis said…

Yep, everything can be undone, like my jungle scenes going back in. Sigh. I'd love to read your book again when you're ready to send it to you-know-who. 🙂

Lady Glamis said…

Oh, I'm very curious what you have taken out…

Kimberly Franklin said…

That definitely is the beautiful part of writing, the undo button. I need one of those in life. Now that would be nice!

Happy Friday!

Kim said…

Ooo…I'm excited to read this revision. You're brave!

Alexa said…

Yup so that totally didn't 🙂 Good job it's easy to paste stuff back in!

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