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January 2, 2023

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Cover Wars – Willow

Willow was one of my favourite books of last year (review here) and when I saw on The Story Siren’s blog that it had a UK cover I had to feature it here.

                                              USA                                                         UK

For once I have no preference, I absolutely love them both, and I think they both fit the book perfectly. The only thing I don’t like is the rename of the UK edition. I much prefer the title Willow.

What about you? Which would you pick up in the bookstore?


Bookalicious Ramblings said…

I definitely prefer the US cover and title! The UK version really puts me off, but luckily I have the US version and I can't wait to finally get around to reading it, lol!

Jemi Fraser said…

I like the cut paper on the UK cover, but prefer the title on the US. I also like the quote on the US. Still I think the cuts down Willow work a little bit better πŸ™‚

Morgan said…

I really enjoyed this book and adore both covers (but i'de have to say that I like the UK one a tiny bit better).

Pam said…

I would pick up the USA.

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