Not Enough Bookshelves: Cover Wars: The Uglies Trilogy

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Cover Wars: The Uglies Trilogy

The Book: The Uglies Trilogy by Scott Westerfeld

Now I have posted a covers wars on UGLIES before (see here) and the US won hands down. I hated the UK covers but they have been re-issued. Look at these stunning new covers.

I really like these: the cutouts, the font, the photos and especially the eye used in the same place each time. But they make me think the books are going to be spy novels. They look so James Bondish.
While they are so much better, for me, The USA covers still have it.
What about you?
I found out about these in a guest post by  Kathryn McKenna, Children’s Marketing & Publicity Assistant for Simon and Schuster UK at The Booksmugglers – thanks!


ParaJunkee said…

They are better than the last covers, but I still like the US versions better.

Elle Strauss said…

I wonder why they can't just have the same covers?

MarceJ said…

I'm reading Uglies now. I like the US covers even though I do like the eye on these.

Kim said…

Yes–very spy novel. I'm with you–the USA covers are best.

Jemi Fraser said…

I agree – these are much better, but I'll still give a slight edge to the US ones.

hcmurdoch said…

Cool new covers though I still like the US covers. Not necessarily better than the British…can't decide.

Alexa said…

I think we all agree USA wins in this case.

Elle – I think it's something to do with them being published by different houses. I could be making this up though. Anyone know?

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