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January 2, 2023

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Cover Wars The Hunger Games

The Book

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

The Covers

The US

The UK

Thoughts on the USA

This cover has really grown on me, perhaps because I see it whenever I go into a book store. I love the Mockingjay, and the way they have kept the theme going for Catching Fire. It ties in really well with what the book is about.

The simple logo and block lettering really stand out when this book is displayed alongside others. I’d definitely pick it up.

Thoughts on the UK

This isn’t at all how I imagine Katniss and I’m pretty sure it’s not at all how she’d dress either. If I saw this one on in a shop (and had been living in a cave and hadn’t heard how wonderful it is) I wouldn’t pick it up. I’d dismiss it as a sci-fi book. Also, for some reason, it says boys book to me. Which shouldn’t stop me buying it because I’ve read some brilliant books about and aimed at boys, but it would, unless it had been recommend.

The Winner

USA! For a classic cover, can’t wait to see the third one or read it.

UK 3

Which do you prefer and why?


  1. Hi Alexa πŸ™‚
    I like the US cover for its intriguing simplicity.
    Thanks for sharing,
    All the best,


  2. I actually prefer the UK cover. There's something about it that just seems so. . .foreboding. I feel like it really captures the feel of the book.


  3. I like the US cover better. It's simple yet strong and bold. I usually don't like covers that show a face because then that is how I will picture the character to be. I prefer to have my brain picture the character all by itself. LOL


  4. RK – Yes the simplicity makes it stand out

    Brizmus – Really I don't get that but I'm glad you do πŸ™‚

    Book Vixen – Me too which is why I'm a fan of the headless girl cover!


  5. I'm with the vixen – prefer the covers to be faceless. I like the US version this time. Both because of the lack of a face, and the mockingjay and the bold design.


  6. Interesting Article, I am going to put this out there, I HATE the uk cover, way to childish for a bunch of kids running around killing each other. As far as the U.S I like it but it is just a little bit to plain. I will say this about the third us cover , it BETTER have a mockingjay on it. My favorite cover by far so far is the Chinese cover.



  7. Hmmm…I don't much like either one. But if I have to choose I'll take the US. Honestly, I thought this book was wonderful and deserved a much better cover!


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