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January 2, 2023

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Cover Wars – Along for the ride by Sarah Dessen

Welcome to the first Cover Wars. Where the UK and US stand off. Covers will be judged on eye catchingness, representativeness of the book and originality.

We’re kicking off with Sarah Dessen’s Along for the Ride*

The USA Version

Eye Catchingness 6/10 – I’d probably pick it up, I like the colours they used and I’m a fan of the headless girl shot. It looks like a good summer read.

Representativesness of the Book 8/10 – Pretty spot on. Bikes play a big part in the story.

Originality 4/10 There are a lot of faceless girls out there.

The UK Version

Eye Catchingness 10/10 I’d snatch this book up. I love the cover. All the little bits making up the dress and the colours on the black are fabulous.

Representatives of the book 8/10 – There’s the dress, which plays a big part in the climax of the story and the dress is made up of all little things from the story. There’s no bike but there is the word BMX in the mix.

Originality 9/10 – Again quite a lot of books use an image on a black background but the collage is quite unique.

USA – 18/30
UK – 27/30

A decisive victory for the UK.

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree with my verdict?

*yes I know I said Just Listen on Monday but I changed my mind


  1. I like the UK one the best. Wayyy better in my opinion. This is fun!


  2. It's cute isn't it? I really like it.


  3. I completely agree with your verdict! I love the UK covers of Dessen's books.


  4. Nymeth – they are so pretty aren't they. i think TTAF I my favourite


  5. The UK version is definitely catchier…


  6. I seem to be alone in not liking the UK version. Whenever Sarah shows off the UK covers on her blog, I think to myself "What are they DOING over there?!" To me, it seems way too bland and makes the book seem darker than it is. The covers really remind me of the old original VC Andrews covers- probably not what the publisher wants you to think of when looking at a Sarah Dessen book, lol.

    I think the US cover is much catchier or more appealing than the UK one. I will grant you that the UK one is very clever with the dress collage, but I just don't like it as much as the US one.


  7. Daisy – I think so

    BookChic – Interesting! I just think the US one is a bit uninspired but maybe that doesn't matter. I think people would still pick it up if it were blank if they knew it was by Sarah. Some people don't need eye catching covers 🙂


  8. I don't like the UK one as much as the US one…it's dark, unfriendly, and doesn't capture as much of the book's essence as the US one does…


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