Not Enough Bookshelves: Couples Countdown No 1 – Puck & Sean

Saturday, 31 December 2011

Couples Countdown No 1 – Puck & Sean

So finally we reach the end! 

My absolutely favourite couple of 2011 has to be Puck and Sean from the wonderful The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater. I fell in love with both of them. Then I fell in love with them falling for each other. 

Theirs’ is a quiet, restrained falling, but it is so beautiful (and beautifully written), because I was already so invested in the characters small moments had a huge emotional punch. This exchange, for example, reduced me to a small gooey pile of swoon.
“I say, “I will not be your weakness Sean Kendrick.”

Now he looks at me. He says, very softly. “It’s late for that Puck.”


  1. Ahhhh. They kill me. What a marvelous book.


  2. I have heard soooo many awesome things about this book – I finally came up on the holds list and brought it home from the library yesterday. Now I am TOTALLY looking forward to getting lost in it :oD


  3. I'm in the middle of reading this WONDERFUL book.


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