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January 2, 2023

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Couples Countdown: Guest Post by Sarah of Desirous of Everything

I’m delighted to welcome Sarah of Desirous of Everything to the blog today. I discovered her wonderful blog earlier this year and am completely hooked, her blog is a must read – funny and inspiring! 

Hello Not Enough Bookshelves readers!  My name is Sarah. I blog over at Desirous of Everything and was honored when Alexa asked me to be a part of this series! I gave it a lot of thought and ultimately decided that the best couple of 2011 is… Andy and April from Parks and Recreation, hands down!  And I take my fictional television characters very seriously, people. I am still upset at the boring lameness that has become Jim and Pam on The Office.  Ugh, please don’t get me started on that one!  Or as April would say, “It’s just… adults are boring. And I hate them. And I don’t want to buy all this stupid, boring adult stuff and become boring adults.”  Um, exactly , Jim and Pam! 

Okay, I’m sorry, I did not come here to hate on Jim and Pam (because they will always have a soft spot on my heart) but I came here to love on Andy and April and here are my top five reasons why.

5. They high five all the time!

4. They eat turkey chili out of a Frisbee.

3. They swear on dead crows.

2. Their “Fancy party” was really a secret wedding!

1. They bring out the best in each other!  April is coming out of her shell this season because Andy loves her for who she is and nothing more.  And Andy knows he can be more than a shoeshine boy because April believes in him!  April and Andy are hilarious and adorable and while everyone knows that hilarious + adorable = awesome sauce, it’s also so clear that they’re doing something right.  They don’t care what anyone else thinks of them, they want to have fun together and make the most out of life with their bucket lists and goofy shenanigans and when it comes down to it, they are best friends.  That’s true love if you ask me!  I love these guys!  Best couple evs.

Thanks for having me Alexa!  All images and gifs found via Andy and April Timblr.  Thanks!
Thanks so much Sarah. I’ve never seen Parks and Recreation but I really need too!

See you tomorrow for Couple Number 8!


  1. I haven't watched much Parks and Rec but I keep wanting to get more into it! These two look like an adorable couple…and I love that he played Bright Abbott on Everwood way back when! I loved that show.

    I completely agree about Jim and Pam…in the words of Kevin…"PB & J…what a waste!"


  2. I've never seen Parks & Recreation either, but it sounds so cute!


  3. Aw! I must watch this show. They sound so cute!


  4. YES! Definitely!!! Love that couple!


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