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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Couples Countdown: Guest Post by Meredith of Fairy Tales and Cappuccino

I’m delighted to welcome Meredith to the blog today with the first guest post for the Couples Countdown. Meredith can be find blogging about writing, books, and life over at Fairy Tales and Cappuccino. Her blog is lovely and I especially love her 5 things that make me happy even on a Monday feature. It always leaves me feeling happy and usually craving a starbucks!

Anyway here is Meredith on her favourite couple of 2011.

My favorite literary couple of this year came from The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater. Kate “Puck” Connolly and Sean Kendrick are slated to race against each other in the water horse race, but as they train together, they begin to fall in love. And the reader begins to fall in love with them.

Puck is impulsive and stubborn, a tomboy of a girl who feels more at home on the back of her beloved horse, Dove, than anywhere else. Sean Kendrick is a boy of sharp angles and silence, so in tune with the water horses (murderous horses dragged from the sea) that he almost seems to belong to the ocean himself. The two of them seem to understand each other immediately, even though the rest of the world doesn’t.

Their relationship is a slow burn, something that builds every time they see each other. And when they finally admit their feelings to each other, you can’t help but cheer.

I couldn’t get enough of this couple. They were just so cute and genuine, with a believable chemistry that jumps right off the page. I can’t recommend this book highly enough!

Thanks so much Meredith, great choice! Personally I cheered and swooned, quite a lot. That Sean Kendrick 😀

Have you read The Scorpio Races? Did you love it?

If you can’t wait for tomorrows couple you can always look at the list from 2010 and 2009 and don’t forget to enter the giveaway!


  1. I keep seeing good things about this book – I think I need to officially add it to my To Read list, and bump it up towards the top-ish…Horses, love…the ocean…yeah, I need to read this one :o)


  2. Thanks so much for inviting me to join this countdown! I'll swoon over Sean Kendrick anytime. 🙂


  3. Rebecca – definitely it's WONDERFUL!

    Meredith – thanks so much for joining in


  4. This sounds great. I realllly need to read this soon.


  5. I love Maggie's writing but haven't read this one yet. You have me very intruiged!


  6. Did I love it? I went out of my MIND with love for it! My favorite book published this year. Such a good choice for your favorite couple!


  7. This guest post made it official, Alexa: I'm digging through my husband's underwear drawer to find the copy of THE SCORPIO RACES that I know he bought me for Christmas! I can't wait any longer!!!


  8. Excellent choice! This is definitely one of my favorite reads from this year and such a sweet romance.


  9. JuJu and Deana – you absolutely do, it's my favourite book of the year!

    Angie – haha me too!

    Kim – excellent, you will swoon 🙂

    Michelle – it really is a perfect romance.


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