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January 2, 2023

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Couples Countdown Guest Post by Audrey of Holes In My Brain


Welcome to the lovely Audrey whose fabulous blog holes In My brain has been one of my favourites for a long time. I love Audrey’s reviews, especially when she falls in love with a book and does a complete rave – no one raves quite like Audrey 😀

There really are an infinite number of YA couples I’d love to talk about, and I maybe one day I can find the words beautiful or tragic enough to describe some (I’m looking at you, Froi and Quintana) but for now, I’ll rewind to the very beginning of 2011 and still one of my favourite books of the year. And perhaps not as hugely promoted as recent dystopias, I’ve reverted to my go-to genre of contemporary fiction as well. From Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly, here’s to Andi and Virgil.

Andi is kind of depressed. Yeah. And if you can get past her angsty-ness, she’s kind of a hugely talented guitar player and beautiful lyricist. She’s emotionally hurting and grieving after the death of her little brother and in a foreign country hanging out with her dad. She’s stumbling through the streets of Paris and…
Enter Virgil. A French-Tunisian artist and taxi driver with rhymes that I kind of swooned for even though they’re not exactly conventional. But he’s gorgeous and has a genuine heart and…
I loved the relationship between these two; brought together by music (I love books with music) and then midnight phone conversations, sunrises, a moment at the Eiffel Tower I reread like six times, and more music, the two circle around each other just Andi feels the world slipping out from under her. And maybe that makes all the difference. Because it’s different and off-balanced and romantic with all the rough edges, and I will forever adore his off-beat rhymes and her broken lyrics and when she sang him that song and oh gosh, I just want to get all of you this book for Christmas because I (more than ‘kind of’) loved it.

Thanks so much Audrey. Revolution is definitely on my wish list now!


  1. LOLOL, an angsty teen that you actually enjoyed? XD Now I'm definitely reading Revolution. <3


  2. thanks soo much for including me in your xmas countdown, Alexa <3


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