Not Enough Bookshelves: Couple Countdown No 9 – Rosie and Asher

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Couple Countdown No 9 – Rosie and Asher

The Australians are coming, and they will capture you heart! I’ve read so many brilliant Australian books this year was hard to choose who to include here, but my first couple from down under (yes there is another) have to be Rosie and Asher from Brigid Lowry’s Guitar Highway Rose. 

This book just completely charmed me. Rosie and Asher’s relationship is adorable and sweet and gorgeous to read. Here’s a taste.


with rolled-up towels for pillows rosie and asher lie on their backs on the grass the sky is gently blue no clouds they take off their shoes so their feet can breathe they wriggle their ties and talk about when they were little and what’s your middle names and what’s your favourite food and what job would you most hate to do and what is the worst thing a parent can say to a kid and what’s your favourite film and what’s your favourite book and what shall we have for lunch and maybe we should get going in a while they do not kiss but they both want to instead their feet touch and so do their arms it is electric magic their tiny arm hairs tingling happily together the sun warming then watching sky through gree-leafed gum branches close enough to heard each other breathe sweet togetherness this lazy lying down dance of love.

And yes, that whole section is written exactly like that. Although the book consists of a variety of formats. It did feel a little strange at first, but the format ended up being one of the things I really adored about the book.

If you haven’t read it, definitely pick up a copy of Guitar Highway Rose and fall in love with Rosie and Asher too.


  1. I kind of love that format–sounds like an amazing book!


  2. Meredith – it is so good and it doesn't feel dated even though I think it was written in 1996.


  3. ohhhh, nice, i hadnt expected to see them pop up on here 🙂


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