Not Enough Bookshelves: Countdown to Christmas No 9 – Lennie and Joe

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Countdown to Christmas No 9 – Lennie and Joe

Lennie and Joe from The Sky Is Everywhere.  If you’ve read this wonderful novel you’ll know exactly why Lennie and Joe made my list, and if you haven’t, you must. There’s a reason why it’s popping up on so many end of year lists. It’s gorgeous and heartbreaking and it will make you ache and swoon.

I absolutely adore this novel, although my favorite aspect is the notes Lennie writes and leaves everywhere (they break my heart), Joe Fountaine is a close second. Imagine the boy that name should belong to and you have a good idea of Joe.  Sweet, sensitive, funny, a stunning musician and owner of the worlds longest eye lashes; he’s one of the swoon-worthist boys I’ve encountered this year.

I love Lennie too, I didn’t always like her but I could always understand her. I just wanted to reach into the book and press her and Joe together. Talk about soul mates, these two are meant for each other, but do they end up together? You’ll have to read the book to find out.

Here’s a taste.

This is it – what all the hoopla is about, what Wuthering Heights is about is about -it all boils down to this feeling rushing through me in this moment with Joe as our mouths refuse to part. Who knew all this time I was one kiss away from being Cathy and Juliet and Elizabeth Bennet and Lady Chatterley!?

Any other admirers of Joe Fontaine out there?

Side note: If you haven’t read this and are planning on buying it I recommended hunting down the UK copy (it;s the cover I used above) it’s beautifully illustrated inside and the cover is lovely too, unlike the US edition which freaks me out!


  1. Awesome pick. I love Joe (bat bat bat). I just did a review for it.

    I am working on my thoughts for favourite couple (it is so hard to pick) so I can do a post for your giveaway.

    Loving all the couples so far 🙂


  2. I just commented on your post 🙂 Ah Joe!

    So glad you're joining in I can't wait to see who you pick.


  3. AAHH Joe and Lennie!!! I absolutely LOVEd The Sky Is Everywhere, it was so amazing (it might be my favourite book this year) and Joe is deffs swoon-worthy. awesome pick 🙂


  4. Swoon! I walked past this just the other day and was admiring the cover, but didn't have time to stop and peek. I think I might have to retrace my steps.


  5. Joe is so swoonworthy. I looove him. I've seriously re-read The Sky is Everywhere three times already 😀


  6. I have never heard of this book or author. What's up with that? 🙂 Adding it to my list. I love romantic couples.


  7. I love Lennie/Joe! 😀


  8. Sigh. Joe Fontaine. Perfect, perfect boy. I just loved everything about this book!


  9. I liked Joe but I didn't care for Lennie. I have to agree with you that I loved the notes that were put into the book.


  10. ahh, me too 🙂

    I am so in the mood for a re-read after this 🙂

    I had them on my list too – but took them off after it was getting too big and crazy 🙂


    I am so loving this count down!


  11. Daaang I want a UK copy. I have the US ARC edition and YES, Joe is an incredible character. Love him so much.


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