Not Enough Bookshelves: Countdown to Christmas No 1 – Lyd, Cass & Em

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Countdown to Christmas No 1 – Lyd, Cass & Em

My absolutely favourite couple this year is actually a trio of friends – Lydia, Cassie and Emily from Jaclyn Moriarty’s The Year of Secret Assignments and The Ghosts of Ashbury High. I love these three and the relationship they share. 

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In most of the YA books I’ve read, friendships are breaking up, or new friendships are being formed or one person is dominant, usually too dominant. It’s rare to find a friendship like this. Where the girls have been friends since they were little, and completely love and support each other. Where the fact of their friendship is never in any doubt. I have no trouble believing that Lyd, Cass and Em will live in a flat over looking Sydney harbour, that they’ll be bridesmaids at each others wedding (Lydia’s will be to Seb, naturally), godparents to each others children, and that when they are old and grey haired, they’ll be causing as much mayhem as they do at Ashbury.

In these books Jaclyn Moriarty has created some of the most authentic teen voices I’ve read. Both books are told in epistolary form, and all three girls as well as the other characters have such distinct voices. I barely needed the signatures at the bottom to tell me who was writing.

As well as being authentic, Jaclyn Moriarty is funny. The kind of, oh my god I’m going to fall off the bed in a minute because I’m laughing so hard, funny, that I love. She’s truthful, the way she captures that moment when your longing to be an adult, but longing to stay a child, is amazing. She took me right back there. She’s also slightly crazy, especially in The Ghosts of Ashbury High, which is crazy and genius. The plot is twisted and baffling, and yet it makes utter sense and is completely spellbinding too.  It’s pretty much one of my most favourite books, ever. 

Anyway, we were talking of the girls, and if you want a book with great female friendships and sassy, funny, confused, real girls, look no further than Jaclyn Moriarty’s books. I also must give a shout out to Feeling Sorry for Celia and The Spell Book of Listen Taylor, which are equally wonderful.

Stop by tomorrow to hear about Jaclyn’s favourite couple.


  1. okay. i have just reserved this at my library. after reading this post, i figure i *need* to read this, you must recommend awesome books :p thanks for sharing!!


  2. Audrey – Yay! I do hope you love it. Let me know. I am spreading the JM love I can't understand why she isn't everywhere!


  3. Despite my Aussie love I still haven't read this book. It is in my reading stack and I was thinking of saving it for Aussie YA reading Challenge but maybe I won't wait anymore 🙂


  4. YAY!

    They are my absolute favourite friends in a book anywhere, ever. I just adore them and I love everything you said in this post!

    Perfect perfect choice for number one!

    AND Jaclyn will be here? Yay! I really can't wait ofr her post!



  5. Nic – oh bump it to the top, you will LOVE it. Well I'm pretty sure you will based on your blog 🙂

    Nomes – Thank you 🙂 Glad someone is sharing the JM love and SO glad I won this book from you!


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