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January 2, 2023

Friday, 11 December 2009

Christmas Countdown – Number 5 Ruby & Noel

Number 5 – Ruby and Noel from E. Lockhart’s Ruby Oliver series.

I was a fan of Noel’s from the very first book. He’s such a sweetheart and he didn’t care about the boyfriend list and he held Ruby’s hand when she needed a friend.

By the time The Treasure Map of Boys came out, I was desperate for them to get together.

Then they did.

But it all went horribly wrong and Noel took Nora to the dance. I was as crushed as Ruby.

Then came the letter.

Oh the letter – sigh! Noel is the YA equivalent of Captain Wentworth*. His letter is to die for.

Here it is

Roo, You said to me once that you were not always a good friend. I am not always a good friend either.

I couldn’t deal with Ariel Olivierie and how I made out with her when I didn’t want to. So that meant I couldn’t deal with you.

I couldn’t deal with all the questions people were asking me about what happened in the art studio, bringing up that stupid boyfriend list from sophmore year. And that meant I couldn’t deal with you.

I have never been able to deal with Jackson Clarke and how he’s always been taller and better-looking and cooler than me. And that meant I couldn’t deal with you.

And I couldn’t deal with Nora and how she wanted me to be her boyfriend when I wasn’t interested. And that meant I couldn’t deal with you.

So I acted like everything was your fault. And I didn’t deal with you.

Only the thing is: I want to deal with you. I meant what I said in the art studio. I still mean it. I told Nora how I feel which was hellish awkward.

Anyway I don’t expect you to understand, since it took me so long to tell you. Way longer than it should have.

But I hope you will understand anyway.


Looking forward to Roo and Noel finally being together in Real Live Boyfriends. If you’d like a sneak peak of them together come back Monday!

Remember to enter the contest if you haven’t and blog about your favourite couple for an extra 10 entries!

* If you don’t  know who Captain Wentworth is go and read Persuasion by Jane Austen. I guarantee swooning at the end!


Jemi Fraser said…

What a great letter – definitely swoon-worthy.

Alexa said…

Jemi – Isn't it! I Love that letter

Kim said…

The Captain Wentworth of modern YA?! I have to read this series!

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