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Thursday, 24 December 2009

Christmas Countdown: Guest Post by Melina Marchetta

The very last guest post of the Christmas Countdown is by the wonderful Melina Marchetta, author on one of my all time favourite books, Saving Francesca
My favourite couple in film is Hawkeye and Cora from The Last of the Mohicans. I still catch my breath whenever Daniel Day Lewis so much as glances at Madeline Stowe and I let Francesca Spinelli borrow them as her favourites in Saving Francesca. A close second is a young snarling Clint Eastwood whenever he looks at Shirley McLaine in Two Mules for Sister Sara.
In television I have to agree that Veronica and Logan were fantastic together in seasons one and two of Veronica Mars. (I can’t bear to think of season 3. Veronica and Buffy should never have gone to college).
But my favourite couple in YA is most definitely Eugenides and the Queen of Attolia (Irene)  from the Attolia series. It’s hard to talk about what these two do to each other without giving away important plot strands, but all I can say is that there are moments in the Queen of Attolia, especially when they come face to face after a long time apart, that you can hardly breathe from the suspense and the chemistry. 
In the The King of Attolia, you’re seeing their relationship from someone else’s point of view and what happens off the page is even more powerful.  I managed to get a hold of an ARC of the sequel, Confederacy of Kings. It’s going to be my beach book the day after Christmas so pity the person who tries to interrupt.

Thanks for sharing Melina. I’m all nervous for Season 3 of Veronica Mars now.  And I’m definitely adding  Queen of Attolia to my TBR list!

Melina Marchetta is the author of Looking for Alibrandi, Saving Francesca, On the Jellicoe Road, and the upcoming Finnikin of the Rock and The Piper’s Son. More information can be found on her website.

You still have time to enter the contest. It closes midnight tonight.  I’ll announce the winner on Boxing Day (most probably but maybe the 27th)




Jemi Fraser said…

Sounds great 🙂 I'm looking forward to taking a few days off of the craziness to just read as well. Enjoy a wonderful Christmas!

Kim said…

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Megan Whalen Turner's Eugenides series. The amazing romance absolutely shocks you silly, it's so good! She's a wonderful WONDERFUL writer. Start with THE THIEF, Alexa, as it's the first in the series. I'm also definitely planning on reading SAVING FRANCESCA!

Merry Christmas!!!

AyC said…

OMG, I LOVE Melina Marchetta!! and ALL her books!!! thanks for the interview, it was great to read 🙂

Alexa said…

Jemi – Hope you had a great Christmas

Kim – It's on my list. I hope you love SF as much as me.

AyC – Me too. Glad you enjoyed it.

Kelly said…


Thanks for this peek into Melina Marchetta's YA faves. 🙂

Kelly from

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