Sapphique is a wonderful follow up to Incarceron. The world Catherine Fisher has created is fascinating and I love how detailed everything is and her descirptions of both the Court and the Prison. Plus I love the idea of a prison as a sentient being, a being that is unsatisfied with its lot and wants more no matter what that means for the inmates! The plot is action packed with surprising twists and the characters are as real, flawed and surprising as in the first book.

At the beginning of Sapphique Finn and Claudia are finally in the same world, but now facing a whole new set of problems. Especially when the Queen produces a rival for the throne. A boy also claiming to be Giles heir to the throne, who is far more believable and impressive than Finn. As the court questions who is the real Giles, Finn drifts into confusion and melancholy.  I did sympathize with Claudia’s frustrations with him. He is quite whiney for the first half of the book. Claudia is her usual fabulous self, plotting, scheming, hating her Father and acting exactly like him, I love her! Although both she and Finn are ousted from centre stage by Keiro and Attia, still stuck inside the prison and unwillingly united in the search for Sapphique’s glove. These two are so vibrant and alive they can’t help but steal the book, especially when they fight.

My only complaint is that there will be no third book. I don’t want to give anything away, but there are a lot of emotional ties left dangling, that I’d love to see put into nice neat bows. Especially in regards to a certain relationship. Also I’d just like to spend more time with these characters in this amazing world.

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