Not Enough Bookshelves: Awards!

Saturday, 6 February 2010


I have received some lovely awards lately.

Thanks to Jemi of Just Jemi for the Happiness 101 Award. I have to list 10 things that make me happy.

1) My family
2) My friends.
3) My fellow bloggers and their blogs.
5) Writing
6) Books shops – especially Politics and Prose
7) cupcakes – especially from gerogetwon cupcake
8) Skinny cinnamon dolce lattes
9) Modern Family, Chuck and Lost!
10) Living in the USA

Thanks to Kim for the Kreativ Blogger award. I’m supposed to list 7 thigs you don’t know about me but I think I’ll remain a woman of mystery!

Thanks to Greenwoman for the Sunshine Award. What a lovely award to get.

And Thanks to Mary of Writer’s butt does not apply to me for the One Lovely Blog Award.

I’m meant to pass the awards on but I’m not going to. Not because I object in anyway to awards or receiving them. It’s lovely, and thank you very much for thinking of me. But I read such a small pool of blogs that I’d be giving them to the same people over and over. Which might get a tad tiresome.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.


Jemi Fraser said…

Congrats on all the awards (and thanks for the shout out).

I figure no one wants the "awardee" to feel pressure so I pick & choose when to pass them along too. 🙂

Kim said…

Congratulations on receiving all these awards! You deserve them! And thanks for linking to moi. Hope you have a wonderful, snowed-in day!

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