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January 2, 2023

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Author Appreciation Week Day 2

The ones who make it seem so real.

Elizabeth Scott

I am a huge Elizabeth Scott fan, HUGE! I love her books. Love them, love them, love them! I picked up Something Maybe, when I was seven months pregnant, and looking for something fun to read. I devoured that book. Then read everything else by her, as quickly as possible*, I loved them all.

Elizabeth’s writing is light and easy, but it has a depth and her characters are so real. I can identify and sympathize with all of them. Any writer who could make me feel like a teenager again, when I was the size of a small planet and only able to waddle, has serious talent!

Thank you for the books Elizabeth and for being so prolific, two books out this year , The Unwritten Rule and Grace, yay!

Sarah Dessen

 I haven’t actually read all of Sarah’s books because after falling completely in love with The Truth About Forever, I was worried anything else just couldn’t live up to it.  Then, a whole year later, I finally cracked and read, Just Listen. Obviously I had been completely and utterly wrong. It was just as good.

No one does real quite like Sarah Dessen. I honestly feel, that if I went to Chapel Hill, I would see Macy and Wes out running, hear Annabel and Owen on the radio, and Auden riding her bike.

Thanks for creating worlds I can just sink into Sarah.

Which authors are you appreciating today?

Author Appreciation Week was started by Heidi R Kling.

* Except Living Dead Girl. Not my type of book at the best of times, awash with hormones it may have destroyed me. But I love that she writes different things.


Emma in Canada said…

I was introduced to Sarah Dessen by my teenager and I love her! I really enjoy how she links people and places in the books.

I'll keep an eye out for Elizabeth Scott for Taylor.

Jemi Fraser said…

Those are 2 worthy picks!

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