Not Enough Bookshelves: A post for Elizabeth Scott Week

Thursday, 19 May 2011

A post for Elizabeth Scott Week

The Secret Life of an Avid Reader is having an Elizabeth Scott Week to celebrate the publication of Between Here and Forever. As I adore Elizabeth Scott’s book I had to join in.

Elizabeth Scott Book Week

So Elizabeth Scott and me.

I picked up my first Elizabeth Scott book in Barnes and Noble in Georgetown (oh Georgetown I miss you!). It was on one of my first forays into the YA section. I’d just finished The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen and was looking for more of her books.

 I ended up buying a book she’d blurbed instead ~ Something Maybe.

The cover caught my eye, the title made me smile (sounds like an Oasis song), the blurb made me pick it up, and the first line hooked me. It’s “Everyone’s seen my mother naked” in case you haven’t read it. Bet you want to now.

I gobbled up Something Maybe, which is adorable ans heart breaking, and went straight back and bought Bloom and Perfect You.

Perfect You ended up being my one of my all time favourite books. I just love it.

I was lucky enough to meet Elizabeth at ALA and get a signed ARC of Grace. She is wonderfully sweet and was very kind while I babbled at her.

Anyway why do I love her? Let me count the reasons.

  • Her books make me laugh, and swoon, and revisit my high school days.
  • The girls ~ I love her characters. Some I can imagine being friends with (Kate, Hannah, Dani) and some I want to hug (Amy) and some I get cross with (Lauren!) but I understand them and root for them all.
  • The boys ~ Will, Finn, Patrick, Evan, Greg. La sigh! I adore them.
  • Friendship ~ she just writes about friends – losing them, making them, longing to have them so beautifully.
  • The kissing ~ Oh the kissing scenes, gold star kissing scenes!
  • Emotional honesty
  • Wonderful parents, I really love how her parents have lives that effect and influence their children.
  • She’s surprising ~ that the author of Perfect You and Grace are the same person still makes me pause
  • She’s prolific (I actually think she may have cloned herself!) but that’s fine as it means we have two new books to look forward to this year! Yay!

If you’ve never read an Elizabeth Scott I recommend you start with Perfect You and Stealing Heaven. I  feel Stealing Heaven gets over looked, but is just wonderful and the kind of book I want to write some day.

Make sure to check out all the other posts over at The Secret Life of an Avid Reader and enter the rather fabulous competition to win all of Elizabeth Scotts books.

Between Here and Forever is out in the US on 24th May and International readers can find it at The Book Depository (thank goodness for TBD!) – who seem to be shipping now!


  1. I love Elizabeth Scott! I was haunted by her Living Dead Girl novel, but loved it!


  2. I think my favourite Elizabeth Scott book (of the ones I've read) is Stealing Heaven, and it's unfortunate but I think you're right, it does get overlooked!


  3. She does write the best kissing scenes (especially Perfect You). Elizabeth Scott is one of my favourite writers too. Her books to me are the perfect escape 🙂


  4. well this post is pretty much perfect…

    now i don;'t know what to say for my post about Elizabeth Scott!

    she does the best kisses. there is somethign just so completely readable about her books. i re-read them all the time 🙂

    (can't wait to read her newest one ~ it's on it's way to me right now! woot!)


  5. Such swoonworthy books! Perfect You is my fave. Love Elizabeth Scott!


  6. Lisa Marie – Thats the only one I haven't read. I just. . .can't

    Danya – Yes they never have it at the book store 🙁

    Nic – she really does. And mine too 🙂

    Nomes – well thanks 🙂 Yes she does have a really readable style – love it! BH&F is on it's way to me too – thank goodness for The Book Depository.

    Meredith – It's lovely that book!


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